2wks to go..

within 2 weeks...
hope i have some spare time for blogging!

Going to school with this! (i wish XD) 

Looks fake huhm? waha it's REAL kitty!


Rainy days

The past few days we've got so much rain here in the Netherlands -_-'' 
hate it! Here some Hello Kitty rain products:



I went to Volendam with my boyfriend ^^
& made a pic in traditional Dutch clothes!
WAHAH so funny XD



What do you think about the Hello Kitty macaroon??
A mobile phone strap! Too bad it's not eatable XD 

Tag again!^^

Got tagged by Mei!
Thankyou! =)

1. My guilty pleasure is.... 
Keep buying stuff that i don't need XD
2. OMG I see a $100 bill on the street! Would you keep it?
 No, i will spend it! IMMEDIATELY! =P
3. If you can be a cartoon/game character, what would you be? 
 Hello Kitty
4. Who is your most hateful celebrity ever on this planet?
I don't care about celebrities
5. What magazine(s) do you read the most? 
 Fashion magazines
6. You are allowed to answer a question to God. What would that be?
Uhmm..?? XD
7. Ice cream or bubble tea?
Ice creammmm yummy!
8. Name 5 things that you always carry with you when you go to school.
1.Mobile phone 2. bag 3. food 4. money 5. an i-want-to-sleep-look XD   


9 pose tag!

Finally the 9 pose tag!
got tagged by Lene few months ago!! 
Shame on me =$

Take the 9 poses:
1. Awesome dude 
2. Bored 
3. Someone farted 
4. Fobby Cute 
5. Emo 
6. Kiss your phone
7. Over the shoulder
8. the eyebrow raise
9. Smartass

then tag anyone you like^^  

I tag:


The balloonmaker

Went to Amsterdam few days ago and saw Mike the balloonmaker! 

He's good! but only know how to make Disney characters XD
Do you recognize Minnie Mouse, Goofey and the Simpsons?

I asked him for a Hello Kitty balloon..! 
too bad he don't know how to make my lovely Kitty =( 


Who's the next hello kitty?

Hello Kitty Queen
Some pics of the Hello Kitty exhibition!

Source: AppleDaily 蘋果日報 of HongKong.


Hello Kitty exhibition

Last year was The Hello Kitty LAB exhibition. 

This year 'Who's the next Hello Kitty' exhibition!!!!!! 2010


OMG i wish i was in HongKong now!! =( 
I really love the souvenirs of this exhibition!! 
Here are some of them:

camera neck strap!  I'm gonna crazy!!!
for our Nikon D90 XD 
hope my boifriend dont mind muahah XD 
I'm gonna buy it soon! 
I want ALL OF THEM!!
Plush doll


Coins bag

T-shirt with box!


New collection

Fuwa Marshmallow X Hello Kitty!
It looks so soft! but i don't think it's a must-have wahah XD


8 Q's tag!

Got tagged by Lin!
8 questions.

1) What is your favourite cuisine?
 Chinese & Japanese! I LOVE sushi waha! 
2) What was your favourite childhood toy?
Uhhm Barbie i guess.. 
3) Name 3 things that you cannot live without
Boyfriend, family, internet
4) Do you have any allergies?
5) Do you have a best friend(s)? If so, how long have you been best buds??
Yes! my lil sister!^^ she's 17 and i'm 21 =)
6) If you could pair up a celebrity couple then who would you put together?
Hello Kitty & Domo Kun ( kitty is cute, domo is angry or sumthin) perfect couple WAHAH XD they are famous right? so they are a celebrity couple^^
7) Is there anything that annoys the hell out of you?
2-faced bitches.
8) What is your favourite drink? (Can be an alcoholic drink lol)
I don't drink any alcoholic drinks^^ my favo drink uhm don't have one.

Ok here are my questions! 

1. Which season do you like the most?
2. I wish my name was ... (fill in the name you like).
3. Do you believe: what goes around, comes around?
4. What's your favorite country/city?
5. Do you believe: love at first sight?
6. Do you like Hello Kitty?
7. Name 3 things that you want to buy.
8. Describe your dreamhouse in a few words.

step 1: answer them 
step 2: make ur own 8 questions! 
step 3: tag 8 bloggers!

I tag (want to tag 6 bloggers this time muaha XD ):



You all must know the gingerbread of Shrek right?! 
But do you already know the hello kitty gingerbread?^^


everything in 1!

This time i put everything in 1 article.
Cuz i'm busy XD